5220 South Acres Drive

Houston, Texas

First Church of Christ Holiness U.S.A.
First Church of Christ Holiness U.S.A.
First Church of Christ (Holiness) U.S.A.
Physical address: 5220 South Acres Drive
  Houston, Texas 77048

Mailing Address: P. O. Box 331254
Houston, Texas 77233
(713) 733-8031

L--R > Pearlie Harden (Chairman Deaconess Board), Madeline Byars (Deaconess), June Bond (Deaconess, Clerk, Jr. Sunday School Superintendent), Pat Magee (Deaconess), Pearl Swayzer (Deaconess), Debra Florence (Deaconess, Treasurer) Gloria Harris (Deaconess, President UCWM), Mary Hooker (Deaconess, Organist)

Gloria Harris (President, UCWM)


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